Indore Zoo is also known as ” Land to many Wildlife wonders..”. It is this tag which makes a visit to Indore zoo even more special. With unique conservation techniques and animal collection, Indore zoo is ranked as the top zoo in small zoo category in India.

Next time you are visiting the Zoo, Do not miss to see following checklist!

  • Royal Bengal Tiger – Lucky : Reared by a female Labrador dog named Jimmy, lucky is the biggest of all our big cats at the Zoo!


  • Royal Bengal Tiger – B1 : Recorded kill of 18 human headcounts, this mammoth man eater was caught from bandhavgarh tiger reserve for his killing instinct. He still rules the tiger moat and is a proud father of 5 cubs at our zoo!


  • Asiatic Elephant – Moti : Known for his notorious nature and intelligence, Moti is one of the oldest inmates of Indore Zoo!


  • Raccon – Raju: The only zoo in the country to house a raccon, Raju is beautiful spectacled raccon housed by Indore Zoo!


  • Ghariyal – Narsinghi : Longest and biggest reptile of Indore Zoo, Narsinghi is 15 footer long ghariyal and also a proud father of 60 critically endangered ghariyal hatchlings at Indore Zoo!


  • Sloth Bear – Gajni : Named for a reason, this notorious and smart sloth bear is known to forget things at times! He was rescued from the wild where the villagers had almost killed him to his death during a human animal conflict!


  • White Peacock – Ram: Ram is one of the most beautiful bird housed at Indore zoo. He is also a proud father of 13 white peacocks house at our fairy pen.


  • Mushroom Fountain: Located in front of Star tortoise enclosure, this water mist fountain is a major attraction amongst all our visitors.


  • Rainbow Bridge : This mist fogger bridge is located while exiting the zoo from elephant enclosure. A perfect spot to relax and cool down your tiredness from our wilderness walk!


  • Tribal Attire Selfie: Located inside lotus pond garden, you can now click a selfie in traditional tribal attire with our adivasi jodi cut outs.