Dr. Uttam Yadav , Director



At Indore Zoo, our staff work hard to make sure the animals eat well. It takes a lot of planing and preparation to deliver the bulk foods and special diets needed throughout the Zoo!

Our Director Dr. Uttam Yadav at the Zoo, first determines the nutritional needs of each animal. He determines how much protein, fat, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals each animal needs, and which foods best provide these nutrients. He works closely with curators, keepers and veterinarians to make sure our animals are eating healthy.

The Nutrition Center keepers then take those recommendations and ensure that the proper items are packaged and delivered to the animal keepers who in turn prepare meals for individual animals. The Nutrition Center keepers start their day at 9 am. in order to have all the food delivered by the time the animal keepers arrive to begin their daily routine.

Our herbivorous at fed twice a day which our carnivorous eat at night! Mondays are fasting day for our carnivores to ensure proper healthy digestion system.

We have two separate food preparation unit for our animals! One unit is for the herbivores and one for our carnivores.