Why to Adopt ?

The Adoption scheme is a novel way to show your support and care for wild animals. By Adopting a wild animal, you will get to become a conservation ambassador of Indore Zoo’s Wildlife Conservation efforts.

Man has realized importance of the Wildlife Conservation for the perpetuity of humankind. It is also important for two reasons; first for the survival of mankind and second that we do not have a right to stop evolutionary processes and destroy all those species which have evolved and came on earth much before evolution of mankind.

The Indore Zoological Park is the best zoo in the small zoo category in the country, where animals are kept in enclosure which closely resembles their natural habitat. The maintenance and care of animals housed at Indore Zoo is an expensive proposition, in addition to providing nutritious food, the animals are also provided with dietary supplements and best available medical care. Therefore public share through ADOPTIONS from animal lovers and well wishers lessens the burden and are highly solicited.

How to Adopt an Animal?

  • Pick your favorite animal from our animal adoption brochure.
  • Fill the form available on the zoo website or at the Zoo office.
  • You can make payment through  DD / Cheque at our Zoo Office.
  • Alternatively you can make an online payment to our partnered organization and receive the receipt from the Zoo Office.
  • You can also gift an animal to your friend/relative/family.

What are the benefits of adopting an animal at the Zoo?

  • One year free complimentary passes with one guided tour visit for a group of up to 10 family members.
  • You can also avail Income Tax exemption under section 80 G of IT Exemption Act.
  • For school/institution, 50% discount facility on tickets for group visit within an year.
  • You will be able to visit your adopted animal from a close quarters of the animal enclosure.
  • You will be able to reach lakhs of visitors through the plaque kept near your adopted animal enclosure with your name/logo on it.
  • Most importantly you can have the great feeling of adopting a wild animal and helping in conservation of wildlife.

~ Hall of Fame ~

 : Our Ambassadors who adopted animals for the year 2018-2019 :

  • PATH, Master Nav Agrawal –             Tiger (Nav)
  • JC Global Foundation –                       Lion (Sultan)
  • Choithram International School –  Python
  • Director (PIMR) –                                 Chinkara , Python
  • Ms. Sheetal Parey –                              Python, Rhesus Monkey
  • Ms. Bhoomi K. –                                    Rose ringed parakeet
  • Dr. Sanchita vilas kanth –                 Star Tortoise